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 空室情報 / Vacancy information
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部屋タイプ 部屋コード 入居可能日 広さ 基本キホン家賃ヤチン 写真と詳細ショウサイ 備考
Room Type Room Code Available Area(u) Basic rent Pictures & Details Notes
Apartment 4LDK/House NH カナメ相談ソウダン/Negosiable 130.0u 221,000  yen   Please ask us directly  1F is office (stock room) 2F is 4LDK living place. 
1DK TPS202 2021/05/22 26.0 u 55,000  yen   Japanese English    High cost performance !! You can use 2 stations!!
2DK MS206 予約済/Reserved 42.6u     Coming soon・・      Corner apartment. South face. Sunny and warm.
LDK MS401 予約済/Reserved 52.7u     Coming soon・・      Very large 1LDK type apartment. All renovated.
2LDK HH-A 予約済/Reserved 50.2 u     Coming soon・・      2F of a House. The rent including watre fee.
1LDK SM3-W 予約済/Reserved 45.6 u     Coming soon・・      1LDK type apartment.Large storage shelves!!
Studio/1Room KA301 予約済/Reserved 28.6 u     Coming soon・・      Large studio type. Recommend for first time in Tokyo.
Studio/1Room SA5-D 予約済/Reserved 28.6 u     Coming soon・・                Large studio type apartment,our popular apartment!
1LDK/House TBS 予約済/Reserved 60.4 u     Coming soon・・      This house is large 1LDK. All of the utilities are electric.
3DK MS301 予約済/Reserved 52.7u     Coming soon・・      Moving partition door, you can change the floor plan.
1DK(2DK) MS202 予約済/Reserved 36.6u     Coming soon・・      2DK type apartment. Reasonable rent!!
Parking 平置/Normal R-2 即可/Now 13.0 u 17,000-yen +tax                   敷金シキキン/deposit 17,000-yen + tax
平置/Normal MS-B 予約済/Reserved 11.0 u    ※4m未満ミマンクルマのみ      
平置/Normal H-03 予約済/Reserved 10.0 u                        
平置/Normal I-01 予約済/Reserved 14.0u                        
上記金額は消費税込みの金額です / Incuding tax / 割引サービスは他の割引サービスと併用できます / Possible to use any discount service with another one.
 アパートの敷金は基本キホン家賃ヤチンの1ヶ月分をお預かりいたします。連帯レンタイ保証人ホショウニン不要フヨウです。(日本人ニホンジン保証人ホショウニンサマがいらっしゃる場合バアイ月々ツキヅキ家賃ヤチンが 2.5%ヤスくなります)
  We require 1 months deposit. We do not require a guarantor.  (If you have Japanese guarantor, we will discount your rent by 2.5%.)
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